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The Soroptimist Magazine Digital Collections

This digital collection represents what is referred to as the Soroptimist magazine's historical issues, from issued from 1930 to the summer of 1974. This new digital collection opens the world of Soroptimist's interesting and varied history to members and scholars alike.

The magazines document the establishment and development of the organization over its first 50 years, encompassing countries and cultures beyond its North American beginnings, and the issues facing women during those times, from the worried member who pondered whether women in business during the height of the Great Depression would be allowed to stay in business, to the business women of the 1970s asking for advocacy to provide equal pay for equal work. Also on show are the trends in the service programs initiated and performed by Soroptimist members, as the needs of society changed.

Note on using the digital collection:The magazines have been digitized to best facilitate searches over the many fonts and sizes used during the 44 year run of these issues. Soroptimist plans to digitize additional issues in the future, until a complete digital collection is available. Use of any image from the digital collections requires the written permission of the Soroptimist International of the Americas, Inc. Questions may be directed to Soroptimist International of the Americas.

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